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Connects Cast is here to help you find your voice: a podcasting agency, delivering media that influences

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We make sure your voice is heard, and your views are verified. Our podcasts are original – just like you.

How it works

  1. 1. Podcast Production

    End to end podcast production, from conception to delivery and all the way through to a social marketing plan that compliments your sound.

  2. 2. Securing Guest Speakers

    We’re the match dot com of podcasts – our network is unrivalled and when it comes to creating relationships between influencers, brands and fans alike, we opt for a long-term approach.

  3. 3. Podcast Sponsorships / Partnerships

    Fostering meaningful relationships with brands is paramount to authenticity, so if you’re looking for the a perfectly aligned host or the right match to sponsor your podcast, we’re your go-to.

  4. 4. Voice Plug-Ins

    The shifting landscape of media consumption means being audio content experts is important. We like to make things easy, so with Connects Cast voice plug-ins, listeners will only have to ask Alexa, Siri or Google, and your podcast will play.

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Why is it time to podcast?

Podcast listeners are the perfect audience: according to stats, they’re diverse, gender neutral, and high net worth individuals with plenty of disposable income.

Still need convincing?

  • 80% of podcast users listen to all or most of the episodes they follow, at an average of seven shows a week.
  • 63% of podcast listeners have made a purchase based on something the host has recommended.
  • 50% of all homes are podcast fans, meaning that’s over 60 million homes currently a part of the audio interface space.

All stats sourced via Podcast Insights

Listen to ours

We love podcasting so much that we made our own. Listen to Verified Views now, the insider influencer scoop on what the social space is really like through fun, honest storytelling.

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